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We are well-trained, licensed and insured locksmith experts who specialize in everything related to locks, keys and security. We strive to give our customers the best experience possible, and we have worked hard over the years to achieve our great reputation of being professional and friendly. We never miss the chance to help a customer in need and we are always on call! So we will always be available for you. Emergency or not, we are here to assist anyone in need of a locksmith, and we guarantee the best service.

When you need residential locksmith services, look no further. Our specialists are trained and ready to provide all your residential locksmith needs. We use only the leading brands and equipment and specialize in services like key replacement, keyless entry, and deadbolt installation.  We also handle the following locksmith issues:  Lock change,  lock installation, lock and key repair, home and car lockout, and more!

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We provides any type of locksmith service at any time. We offer services such as programming car keys, setting up surveillance, Lock change, rekeying a lock, installing new door locks, repairing door locks, transponder keys, and ignition installation and many more.

If you got locked out of your home, office or car, call us. We unlock, repair and replace all types of locks regardless of their brand. Our company in Manhattan NY has skilled, certified and licensed technicians who use advanced state of the art equipment.

We are fully mobile and resolve all kinds of emergencies from lost keys to lockouts in the shortest time. Our company is well known in Manhattan for our prices and speed. Contact us!

Locked Out?

Have you forgotten your keys inside the ignition or accidentally left them on the car seat? Have you lost your keys and cannot find them? Whatever problem may be, you may not be sure who to call or what to do. Remember that we can help you solve the problem. We are one short phone call away, and no matter what time you call, you will always end with a local real person who is interested in your safety and well-being.

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NYNU Locksmith handles simple and complex residential locksmith tasks. We have the latest state of the art locksmith equipment and tools. We offer same day installation and residential repair services. Our highly trained, certified and licensed locksmiths can come to your location in Manhattan NY on a short notice, and provide supreme professional assistance.

These folks are great. We’ve used them several times for our business and our personal home. Very professional and their customer service exceeds expectations.The guy went out of his way to make sure we had enough of the correct type of keys for all of our employees. At our home, they spent the time to make sure that all of our locks and keys worked before he left for his next appointment. Great service, very friendly and helpful. We’ll continue to use them as we need.

Lauren T.

Google Reviewer

Can’t recommend them highly enough! They let me set up an appointment time, the locksmith was exactly on time, and he had me back in my apartment in under 10 minutes. I was so stressed when I couldn’t get into my apartment, but they provided excellent customer service and a truly great experience.”

Jason D.

Google Reviewer

When is it time to change locks?

Replacing a lock on a door you’ve been using for years, or a new one for that matter may be necessary and this is why…

Are your locks old?

You’ve worked a 8 hour day and picked up the kids from soccer on your way home, now all you need to do is rush in order to let the dog out.  You pull up in to the driveway, run up the to your door… and spend 5 minutes trying to get the lock to open. Doors are meant to open and welcome you home, not keep you out!  Replacing the locks can help avoid these inconveniences that you simply don’t need!  Call us today and we can send one of our nearby locksmith technicians to replace your locks.

A Break Up

Break up is not an easy thing even though you might not think about it first but you should make sure that getting your locks replaced is one of the first things you do.  No matter how smooth or messy the break up was, at some point in time there was some degree of trust lost with your significant other.  Even if it seems to be  unnecessary precaution at the beginning, it’s a good idea to call a locksmith and replace the locks for your own piece of mind.  New locks make your space yours again, and gives you a chance to start new.

Lost your keys?

It happened to all of us, after a night out, a busy day of running errands, or just an average day just like any other.  Somehow, somewhere your keys grew legs and walked away.  Sure, you can go home to your partner, make a copy of that key, and carry on as if it didn’t happen.  But until you change the locks on your door, you’ll be living every day knowing that some stranger has access to your home.  Changing the locks is an important step process in helping you avoid that headache.

New Apartment

We would like to think that all landlords follow the protocol of picking up old tenants’ keys’ upon transfer of ownership… there is unfortunately no way to guarantee that this is the case.  Additionally, even if your trustworthy landlord makes that guarantee, there’s no way to be sure that the previous tenants hadn’t made a copy of the house key themselves in case of emergencies, or in case they felt the need to borrow some of the new furniture coming in to their old apartment.


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Our large fleet of locksmiths and our logistics methods we incorporated during the years have allowed us to provide our customers with a fast and efficient response time. We understand that being strangled outside is inconvenient ad we are always doing our best to be there for you in the least time possible.


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